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Week of: April 28, 2023

Graduation Verification and Final Transcript Request for the Class of 2023

By May 3rd, graduating seniors must complete the Graduation Verification Form / Final Transcript Request form via the Google link posted to the Class of 2023 Schoology course. The form asks questions about post-grad plans, classes taken in high school, and scholarships. The program handed out to families as they arrive at the graduation ceremony includes the list of seniors and their post-graduation plans, however students can opt out of this when filling out the form. Seniors will also be asked to report scholarships awarded to them, and symbols in the program will indicate if a student was awarded an athletic or academic (merit) scholarship- dollar amounts will not be included.


Jane Brown* – West Chester University

Thomas Brown – Full-Time Employment

Samuel Cougar – Delaware County Community College

Amy East^ – James Maddison University

Steven Miller – United States Army

John Smith – Pennsylvania State University

Sally Smith – Jean Madeline Aveda Institute

  ^ Athletic Scholarship

  * Academic Scholarship

Additionally, students are asked to report a grand total of scholarship money awarded from any college admissions offer, over four years. Parents, please review this amount with your son or daughter so that they can accurately report it on the survey.

It is important to remember that there is a final transcript request included in this form, and your senior will verify where final transcripts will be sent. While they may eventually get an email from their college asking for these final transcripts, they need not be concerned, as DEHS will be sending final transcripts to wherever they noted on the form starting on June 21st

 AP Exams

AP Exams at East will begin on Monday, May 1. All exams are in-person paper and pencil with the exception of the seven exams listed below:

DIGITAL EXAMS: AP English Lit, AP Seminar, AP US History, AP European History, AP Computer Science Principles, AP English Language and Composition, AP World History.

If your student has a question about which exam they are registered for, they can verify that information on their AP College Board account. Any other questions, please let Ms. Hanna,  or Ms. Gregory, know ASAP.

Directions for Students Taking AP Exams At DEHS

BEFORE EXAM DAY: Review AP Exam Terms and Conditions available at

In-person AP Exams will begin at East on Monday, May 1. Each of the 38 exams has its own unique requirements, and the exams for AP Computer Science Principles, AP Research, AP Seminar, or any AP Studio Art course include work that must be submitted online for scoring. However, all the other exams have several things in common:

● Students should be in the correct testing location by 7:30 for morning tests, and 11:30 for afternoon tests. The schedule and test locations can be found below.

● Most exams are two to three hours long beyond entering identifying information. Be prepared to tackle a challenging exam with limited breaks. Eat a good breakfast and, if you're taking more than one exam on the same day, pack lunch and snacks to keep you going. Afternoon exams will likely go beyond the 2:40 dismissal time, so plan for transportation home if you will miss your bus.

● Students are encouraged to dress in layers to easily adjust to any temperature in the testing location.

DIGITAL EXAMS - Students MUST bring:

● FULLY CHARGED school issued laptop (personal devices are not permitted). If you’re a senior on BYOD, you will be assigned a school issued loaner laptop for the exam.

● CHARGER for your device - extra chargers will NOT be provided. You MUST have your own charger.

● College Board permits students to use a laptop power bank to recharge their device. Students may not share power banks and the device will be inspected before the exam begins. Here is the device that College Board has suggested you can purchase:

Students are NOT permitted to bring the following:

● Electronic equipment (phones, smartwatches, or wearable technology of any kind, Bluetooth devices, portable listening or recording devices – MP3 player, IPod, etc. – cameras or other photographic equipment, separate timers of any type and any other electronic or communication devices). Cell phones must be switched off and turned into the proctor at the beginning of the exam. If your cell phone goes off during the exam, it will be grounds for dismissal and cancellation of scores.

● Books, compasses, correction fluid, dictionaries, highlighters, notes, or mechanical or colored pencils.

● Rulers or straightedges (these are allowed only for Physics exams).

● Protractors

● Scratch paper

● Reference guides, keyboard maps or other typing instructions

● Calculators (unless it is an exam for AP Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics or Statistics)

● Watches that beep or have an alarm

● Clothing or shoes with subject-related information

● Ear plugs

● Clipboards


● Two sharpened No. 2 pencils (with erasers)

● Two pens with black or dark blue ink only

● Up to two calculators of the appropriate type (AP Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics, Statistics only)

Students are NOT permitted to bring the following:

● Electronic equipment (phones, smartwatches, or wearable technology of any kind, laptops, tablet computers, Bluetooth devices, portable listening or recording devices – MP3 player, IPod, etc. – cameras or other photographic equipment, devices that can access the internet, separate timers of any type and any other electronic or communication devices). Cell phones must be switched off and turned into the proctor at the beginning of the exam. If your cell phone goes off during the exam, it will be grounds for dismissal and cancellation of scores.

● Books, compasses, correction fluid, dictionaries, highlighters, notes, or mechanical or colored pencils.

● Rulers or straightedges (these are allowed only for Physics exams).

● Protractors

● Scratch paper

● Computers

● Reference guides, keyboard maps or other typing instructions

● Calculators (unless it is an exam for AP Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics or Statistics)

● Watches that beep or have an alarm

● Clothing or shoes with subject-related information

● Ear plugs

● Clipboards

Help prepare your student for this important milestone by familiarizing yourself with the information further down in the newsletter. Meanwhile, encourage your student to:

1)    Prepare for test day- make sure pens, pencils, calculators, snacks, water, and any other necessary items are gathered and ready to go. Additionally, your student needs to know by what time they are expected and where to report (see info below)

2)    Get enough sleep- nerves may kick in the night before, so make sure to encourage them to relax and go to bed at a good time.

3)    Help set a positive morning- some calming music or positive affirmations can really help to start their AP test day right. And a healthy breakfast is always a must!

4)    Dress for comfort- students should wear what makes them feel good, and dress in layers in case the room is chilly.

5)    Get comfortable with their surroundings- your student will have some time to settle in once they find their seat. Laying out materials, taking a sip of water, and paying attention to their surroundings can help them to feel more comfortable at the start of the exam.

Some tips for taking the AP exams are:  Do easy questions first and come back to the harder ones later; Answer every question, but only guess after eliminating all the answers you know are wrong; If your test has essays, plan them out before you start writing; Bring water and a snack for the break; Maintain positive self-talk, even if you hit a snag.



Morning Session


Afternoon Session

11:30 – 4:30pm

Afternoon Session

2:00 – 5:00pm

Monday, May 1



US Government:












Tuesday, May 2



Environmental Sci:
















Wednesday, May 3




English Literature:







Computer Sci A:








Thursday, May 4



Human Geography:












Last names (A-Son)



ROOM 326

Last names (Ste-Vog)




Friday, May 5



US History:



Last names (A-Ruck)


ROOM 301/303

Last names (Rue-Zeng)



European History:








*Art and Design digital portfolio submission deadline


Monday, May 8




Calculus AB/BC:








Computer Sci Principles:








Tuesday, May 9


English Lang:




Physics C: Mechanics:

ROOM 326

Physics C: Electricity & Mag:


Wednesday, May 10



Spanish Language and Culture:

ROOM 326









Thursday, May 11





World History:




French Language:

ROOM 326





Physics 1:











Friday, May 12



German Language:

ROOM 326


Music Theory:


Physics 2:

ROOM 301/303





General Announcements: 

1.    Universal Technical Institute in Exton will host a Women in STEM Day on Wednesday, May 3, 2023,

from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Students will have the opportunity to hear from a panel of females working in various STEM fields, sharing their experiences and successes.   Lunch will be provided! For more information visit Please contact Anthony Castrovillo with any questions at 484-650-2343 or

2.    Paid Internship Opportunity! Linecom USA located in Exton is searching for an intern with potential for long-term employment! This position will be 6-12 months and require approximately 20 hours of on-site work per week.  Linecom has been providing wiring services to the area since 1991 and will train the right person under professionals with decades of experience in the physical infrastructure field. See the attached information with details on responsibilities, requirements and benefits. For more information on Linecom, visit Interested candidates will need a teacher recommendation and should contact Dr. Troy Podell at once they have their teacher recommendation.

3.    Attention DASD Parents and Students…DASD needs your input. We’re evaluating our dual enrollment/dual credit offerings, and creating a strategic plan for how we should move forward. Please take a moment to respond to this survey and let us know your thoughts: DASD Dual Enrollment Survey

4.    Career exploration is an important part of the student experience at DASD. This year, we are using a new career exploration program called Smart Futures. In your classes you will be asked to use this software to complete activities to help you find and pursue careers that cater to your interests and aptitudes.

Please take 10 minutes to watch this video to find out more about Smart Futures:

Smart Futures Student Tour  More questions or concerns about Smart Futures? Reach out to Dr. Troy Podell, Supervisor of Secondary ELA/Humanities, at

5.    Downingtown East has a math tutoring program that enables our high school students to tutor other students in our school and the district. If you would like tutoring, please do not hesitate to fill out the google form:

  6.    Parents, please be reminded if you need to drop off your children, please stop only at the front of the building, near the flagpole. Please do not discharge passengers at any other point. Those parents picking up their child at the end of the school day or at the end of a sports practice, please pull into a parking spot at the lower end of the front lot; do not line up at the back of the building  and do not block other vehicles.

 7.    2023 Yearbook Sale…order online: use our school code # 4846

·        Tier 3: 2/1 to 5/12 or when we are sold out of copies - Price $85 

Unsure if you already purchased a yearbook? Go to the website and click on the "Already Placed an Order. Find Your Order" link.    

Graduation Projects/Volunteering Opportunities:

1.    Grad Project Opportunity! Bondsville Mill Park and Gardens needs volunteers to help with many spring projects! If you love the outdoors and/or have an interest in horticulture, environmental science, ecology or history, check out this opportunity! Bondsville Park is Downingtown's local ruin and former textile mill turned public green space. They are creating an outdoor amphitheatre, a butterfly garden, hiking trails, animal habitats, and an education center with library. This year they are in particular need of students to collect rocks from a large pile of soil, then roll them for tractor pick up. They also need help building a low retaining wall of stones. They meet Saturday mornings year-round. For more information contact Sandy Moser at 610-304-3234, or Check out the website at:

 2.    Grad Project Opportunity!! Sunrise Senior Living in West Chester needs volunteers! They are looking for ideas to connect students with their residents, and they welcome your ideas! If you are musical, or have a musical group, have art talent, can play games with seniors (they love Bingo!), paint nails, or just chat with seniors they would love to have your company! Maybe Adopt A Senior?! If you would like to help with entertainment for the seniors, please contact Maureen Petrizzio at

3.    Graduation Project Opportunity! The Believe and Achieve Foundation is a local non-profit that supports children and families in our community. They need volunteers to assist with many of their special events including the Valor Bowl, Fresh Farm Market, Snack Pack Drives, and social media and photography. Make a difference in your community! Contact Kara at for more information and to volunteer!

4.    Grad Project Opportunity – Mt. Airy Lavender Farm owners in Coatesville would welcome a student or students to research and build a pollinator habitat. See or email Mrs. Wick in the Career Center if you are interested at

 5.    Grad Project Opportunities!! Valotta Studios in Eagleview needs student volunteers! Spring recital volunteers will assist in ticketing, photography, student coordination and assist the lead teacher on weekends. Summer camps need volunteers for half day camps to assist teachers, lead music or art activities, and help with a final performance. Contact Jennifer Smollinger if you are interested in either of these opportunities at!

Senior Announcements:

1.    Seniors! If you are undecided about life after high school, check out this opportunity to learn about a career as an arborist. Shreiner Tree Care offers a training program that teaches the skills needed to learn about this unique career. If you like working outdoors, and enjoy physical work, see the attached flyer for more details and/or contact Steve Shreiner at or 610-246-6070.

2.    Senior letters went out on April 18th via email blast with important graduation information. Mandatory graduation practices are being held on Friday, June 2nd – all seniors report to small gym no later than 7:40am; the second practice will take place on Monday, June 5th – all seniors report to Boyer Gym no later than 8am. Purchased cap and gowns can be retrieved on Friday, June 2nd before the first practice in the small gym.

Junior and Senior Announcements:

1.    Considering Speech Pathology or curious about the major? Lebanon Valley College will host a Language Pathology Summer Camp June 27-28 on campus for rising juniors and seniors. The cost is $125.  For more information or to apply contact Michelle Scesa at 

Junior Announcements:

 1.    Attention Members of the Class of 2024 and their Parents/Guardians:

Lifetouch/Prestige Portraits will be here in May to take Senior Portraits for the Class of 2024.  Upcoming portraits sessions will be held Monday through Wednesday, May 22, 23, and 24, as well as Tuesday through Thursday, May 30 and 31 and June 1, from 3:00-9:00 p.m. in the Auditorium.

Please schedule your appointment as soon as possible.  Also, once you make your appointment, it is imperative that you keep the appointment and show up on time.  This helps to ensure that the yearbook staff meets their deadlines for that ever-important Senior section, which will include the formal portrait taken during these portrait sessions.

A postcard will be mailed to you during the week of April 17 with your individual code to schedule your appointment.  In the meantime, you can schedule by selecting your school’s city & state: Exton, PA. Students/parents should go online to Prestige Portraits to self-schedule the portrait appointment, selecting a date/time convenient for you. 

If you have any questions regarding sitting fees or photography, you can contact the Lifetouch/Prestige Portrait Customer Care Department at 1-800-736-4775 or

If you have any other questions, please contact Mrs. Kirkner in the Main Office at 610-363-6400 x41002. Thank

  Employment Opportunities:

1.   Eagleview Landing is hiring! Be a superhero and make a huge difference in the lives of some amazing senior citizens! They are currently hiring for Servers, Dishwashers, Receptionist Staff and Activities Staff. They offer a flexible schedule to accommodate your school, social and activities schedule! For more information visit or contact Christine Thompson at or 267-441-4757.

2.    Attention GOLFERS!! Are you looking for a fun, outdoor, summer job that could lead to a debt- free career in golf and a starting salary of $60,000+ upon graduation?  Then look no further than Chester Valley Golf Club.  They are currently hiring summer staff starting at $17/hour with flexible scheduling.  Their goal is to find a motivated individual(s) interested in a career in golf course maintenance and they will pay for their two-year Turf Certificate in Professional Golf Turf Management School at Rutgers University!! The Grounds staff at Chester Valley takes education seriously and their mission is to help students achieve their goals and success.  If you are interested, please contact Derek Mohler (Golf Course Superintendent) at or (717) 823-0332.

3.    The YMCA of Lionville is looking for Lifeguards and Swim Instructors for the Spring/Summer season. Training is included as well as a free YMCA membership! Come join a great team that has a direct impact on our comunity. Apply on the YMCA website or contact Marissa Jones at 

4.   Sunset Valley Farm in West Chester is looking for summer camp horseback riding instructors! Experience is required, and the pay is $12-$14 per hour! Check out the website for more information –

 5.    Main Line Gymnastics in West Chester is hiring part-time gymnastics class instructors for evenings and weekends. Training will be provided! See the attached flyer or visit for more information or to apply.

 6.    Serv-I-Quip Corporation right in the heart of Downingtown on Wallace Avenue needs office help Monday-Friday till 4:30 p.m., 12 hours per week to start, at $15/hour! They provide custom manufacturing solutions to many types of industries – check out their business at The minimum age is 16, and interested students should contact Lori March at

7.    ESF Summer Camps at the Montgomery School in Chester Springs is recruiting for summer camp help. Counselors must be 18 by start of camp but they will hire a limited number at 17 as well. Lifeguards and swim instructors must be 16 by start of camp. ESF reimburses students for lifeguarding certification! For more information visit

Upcoming Activities:

4/28 - East Concert Band, STEM Choir, STEM Orchestra Concert in East Auditorium at 7pm

4/29 – Junior Prom from 7:30pm to 10pm in East Cafeteria

5/1 – DEFA Meeting in Library from 6:30pm to 8:30pm

5/5 – Spanish Honor Society Induction 6pm to 8pm in Library.

5/5 – Spring Choir Concert in East Auditorium at 7pm

5/10 – 2-hour early dismissal – PM Professional Development for faculty

5/22, 23, 24, 30, 31 and 6/1 - Class of 2024 Senior Portrait sessions

5/24 – Living Arts from 6pm to 8pm in Boyer Gym

5/25 – Senior Awards Assembly beginning at 6:30pm in Auditorium

 5/26 – Friday – Class of 2023 Prom at Phoenixville Foundry from 6:30pm to 10pm – Post Prom following at Downingtown East Campus


Athletics – Varsity Games – Go Cougars!

4/28 – Varsity Softball at Shanahan at 3:45pm

4/28 – Baseball vs. Shanahan at 4pm

4/29 – Boys’ Lacrosse vs. Upper Dublin (JV first) (Senior Day) – 10:30am/12:00pm

5/1 – Baseball vs. West at 4pm

5/1 – Softball at West at 4:30pm

5/2 – Track Open Meet at 3pm

5/2 – Girls’ Lacrosse at Villa Maria at 3:45pm

5/2 – Softball at Owen J. Roberts at 5pm

5/3 – Softball at Oxford at 3:45pm

5/3 – Baseball vs. Oxford at 4pm

5/4 – Girls’ Lacrosse vs. Kennett at 3:45pm

5/4 – Boys’ Lacrosse at Kennett at 5:30pm

5/5 – Track at Henderson at 1:15pm

5/5 – Softball vs. Henderson at 3:45pm

5/5 – Baseball vs. Henderson at 4:30pm

5/6 – Boys’ Lacrosse vs. CB East at 3pm

5/6 – Girls’ Lacrosse vs. Mt. St. Joe at 3pm


                                                Counselors Contact Information:

Kristina Cole,, ext. 41041

11th & 12th  A to Con; 9th & 10th  A to Cov

Stephanie Chupela,, ext. 41040

11th & 12th: Con to Ga & 9th & 10th: Cox to Gl

Heather Gallo,, ext. 41042

11th & 12th: Ge to Kel & 9th & 10th: Go to Kn

Angela Hanna,, ext. 41043

11th & 12th: Kem to McC & 9th & 10th: Ko to Ma

  Michael Matta,, ext. 41045

11th & 12th: McD to Pr & 9th & 10th: Mas to Pl

Caroline Gregory,, ext. 41046

11th & 12th: Pu to Sta & 9th & 10th: Po to So

  Brendan Staudt,, ext. 41044

  11th & 12th: Ste to Z & 9th & 10th: Sp to Z


Prevention Specialists:

Beth O’Rourke – – Ext. 11460

Jenna Grabiak – – Ext. 41623



Jennifer Bender – – Ext. 11461

Tony Nordone – – Ext. 11473


Administration Contact Information:

Paul E. Hurley III, Principal –

Assistant Principal: (Frances) Jill Whalen: 9th grade and 10th grade: He thru O –

Assistant Principal: Karen Welch: 11th grade and 10th grade: A thru Ha –

Assistant Principal: Eric McComsey: 12th grade and 10th grade P thru Z –

Athletic Director: Corey Sigle –

Assistant Athletic Director:  Renee Harty –


Home and School News…

You can help your kids succeed!

Families that engage with their child’s school increase their child’s chances of academic success. Come join the fun!

HSA Newsletter contents:

·  Post Prom Meeting: May 3rd, 7 pm, DHS East Library

o New signup for decorating volunteers here!

·  Teacher Appreciation Breakfast: May 9th 

Signup Here

·  Post Prom: May 26th

·  Would you like to attend future social gatherings?

Fill out the Form here

Why Volunteer?

Most people think of “volunteering” as a drain on their time with little reward. 

This. Is. Not. True. 

As volunteers, we have had the pleasure of:

· Seeing our students light up at our free treats on Valentine's and Pi Days. 

· Having helpful conversations with our children's administrators just because they saw us in the hallway. 

· Getting to know some of the amazing bus drivers. 

· And to the supreme embarrassment of our children...meeting some of their friends!

The HSA at Downingtown East coordinates events like the Craft Fair, Designer Bag Bingo, Book Scholarships, Teacher Appreciation events, Student Appreciation events, Post-Prom, and more.The members of this year’s board has been working hard to make volunteering fun and accessible for ALL. We would love to meet more of you and hear your thoughts on what we’ve been doing and how to do things even better next year. We have received so much positive feedback from the staff, students, and bus drivers for our appreciation events, and we would love to do more of this next year…but we cannot make it happen without YOU!

Unfortunately, right now we are so low on volunteers that we do not know how we will manage to pull off Post-Prom this year, and we are struggling to figure out how to do it next year.

The good news is that YOU can help us out with just a small contribution! We need people to purchase water, send in a salad or paper goods, spend an hour setting up tables, etc... 

Our school has over 1700 students. If everyone donated a little bit of their time, the cumulative effect would be incredible. We hope to see your name on a sign up soon!

Post Prom Needs YOU! Meeting on May 3rd, 7 pm in the DHS East Library

· New signup for decorating volunteers here!

· Post Prom Volunteer Signup

· Post Prom Prize Donation Signup

· Post Prom College Shirt Wheel Donation Signup

· Post Prom Food Donation Signup

Fun fact: Post Prom is for ALL seniors at Downingtown East and their guests, even if your senior does not attend prom! And, it's FREE!

Post Prom is the biggest event that we throw for our students during their time in high school. DEHS is transformed into a playful wonderland to help our kids have fun while staying safe on prom night.

The Home and School Association is proud to host this event every year and it is a HUGE undertaking. It runs from 11 am to 4 am, directly after prom, and there is always food, drinks, and plenty of activities: wandering magicians, caricaturists, a tarot card reader, a college prize wheel, bounce houses, henna artists, the annual "fan favorite" hypnotist show, and drawings for amazing prizes!

YOU can help make this happen for our kids by signing up to help or donating below (Don't forget to write Post-Prom in the memo area!) 

· Check: made payable to “DEHS Home & School Association” and mailed to Downingtown East Home & School Attn: Hareem Ismail 50 Devon Drive Exton, PA 19341

· Venmo: DEHS-HSA @dehs_hsa

· PayPal: use the email - Or enter the ID “@dehshas” in the PayPal app/website

Teacher Appreciation Breakfast: Tuesday, May 9th

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up and YOU can help your kids and HSA show appreciation for our dedicated teachers and staff for all they do!  

Please use the Signup Here to donate items for a breakfast on Tuesday, May 9. 

Most items can be dropped off the day before (Monday, May 8) or the morning of Tuesday, May 9, between 6:30-6:45 am in the Cougar Den (aka staff lunchroom).  Please mark items "Teacher Appreciation Breakfast" if you drop off the day before the event. 

Would you like to attend future social gatherings?

We are all so busy that we rarely take the time to get to know each other. This means you also don’t know US, your HSA Board…and why would you help anyone if you don’t know how nice and fun we are? Come meet us, hang out, and make new friends! Fill out the Form here to let us know what you like to do and we will keep you posted on dates and locations.






Keystone Pathway Graphic



Counselor Contact Information: 

Kristina Cole:, ext. 41041
11th & 12th: A to Con
9th & 10th: A to Cov

Stephanie Chupela:, ext. 41040
11th & 12th: Con to Ga 
9th & 10th: Cox to Gl

Heather Gallo:, ext. 41042
11 th & 12th: Ge to Kel
9th & 10th: Go to Kn

Angela Hanna:, ext. 41043
11th & 12th: Kem to McC
9th & 10th: Ko to Mar

Michael Matta:, ext. 41045
11th & 12th: McD to Pr  
9th & 10th: Mas to Pl

Caroline Gregory:, ext. 41046
11th & 12th: Pu to Sta  
9th & 10th: Po to So

Brendan Staudt:, ext. 41044
11th & 12th: Ste to Z 
9th & 10th: Sp to Z


Prevention Specialists:

Beth O’Rourke:
, ext. 11460

Jenna Grabiak:, ext. 41623 



Jennifer Bender:
, ext. 11461
Tony Nordone:, ext. 11473

Administration Contact Information:

Principal: Paul E. Hurley III
Assistant Principal:
(Frances) Jill Whalen

All 9th graders & 10th He thru O
Assistant Principal:
Karen Welch

All 11th graders and 10th A thru Ha
Assistant Principal:
Eric McComsey

All 12th graders and 10th P thru Z
Athletic Director:
Corey Sigle
Assistant Athletic Director: Renee Harty

Upcoming Activities:

 5/3 & 5/4 – Dine & Donate at Carmine’s 
5/5 – Spring choir concert at 7pm
5/9 – French NHS Induction from 6pm to 8pm in Library 5/10 – 2-hour early dismissal
5/16 thru 5/19 – Keystone Testing 5/22 – Keystone Make-ups

5/22, 23, 24, 30, 31 and 6/1 - Class of 2024 Senior Portraits
5/24 – Living Arts 6pm to 8pm in Boyer Gym
5/25 – Senior Awards Ceremony in Auditorium at 6:30pm